my final release

so many questions left unanswered

if you even really cared

do you know how much

your self-destruction

   destroys me?

as i listen to our song

sobbing on these pages

i wonder if you ever remember

if you ever ask what if

i was shivering beside the tracks

watching the train speed on

toward a break in the steel

why don't you try

   to apply the brakes?

i had to tear myself away

didn't think this pattern would ever change

i wonder if you saw my dedication

if you realized i wanted to help

consider the uncertainty

how helpless i've felt

just wanting you to make it through

is this what you were

   protecting me from?

so i'm finally releasing this emotional charge

i have to let things run their course

i wonder where we'll all end up

if i just let it happen, it will be right

Author's Notes/Comments: 

(Sep. '06)

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