Proof of life

Parts of me

Smoke burns my lungs,
bitter taste lingers in my mouth.

Cold and impassive eyes,
oblivious to the bright sun's glare.

Not meeting anyone's eyes,
looking through them,
see past their concern.

Just a jaded stranger,
losing a battle with darkness,
steadily fighting the nightmares in my own mind.

Violence in my head,
blood rushing through,
pounding in my ears.

The need for release is deafening.

Can't piece together what came apart before,
can't forget the misery that lurks,
just beyond that door.

World is lonely, frozen,
covered in desecration.

Walking a thin line,
dancing on the razor's edge,
too stubborn to slip,
determined I won't fall.

Fighting for a shred of control,
beating back the demon's thrall.

Won't let the light in,
flirting with the dark,
recklessly destroying my humanity.

Rage, barely contained,
fire consumes, flames dance delightedly,
eager to taste the flesh beyond it's grasp.

Eyes turning empty,
heart growing colder,
not really living anymore.

Steady beat,
proof of life,
hanging on by the tips,
no longer screaming silently.

I'll survive this hell,
with no one to pull me out,
this fight is mine alone.

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