Wordless screams in the silence


Going through the motions,
all feeling slowly fading away,
empty and hollowed out,
there's nothing left of me anymore.

I see the blood,
and I'm alive again,
just for a moment,
the numbness lifts.

Like a curtain call,
my charade is over,
pretending I'm okay.

Why can't I feel,
the pain should be bliss,
there's nothing but darkness.

Standing on a ledge,
afraid to move,
scared I'll fall,
paralyzed by the mist,
no one even knows.

Screaming soundlessly,
no one's hearing my cries,
alone at the end,
always knew it'd be this way.

People trying to reach me,
but they're too far away,
can't see them through the fog.

When will I feel again,
when will the sun come up,
dispelling the endless night.

When will I be happy,
when will my crimson tears stop falling,
when will my wordless screams
at last be heard?

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Christy Woodcock's picture

I know what it is to scream without sound. *hugs*