One More


I try to reach you,

and yet again I can’t grasp your attention,

I’m not enough to make you care.

Everything with you is upside down,

torn between love and hate,

just one more scar on my heart.

One more broken promise,

the same ones you always make.

One more tear that falls,

because I want to walk away from you.

One more angel in disguise,

one more false savior.

I don’t want to look anymore,

for someone who won’t make me cry,

when it always ends the same way.

One more fight,

always the same,

I can’t forget you.

One more song to you,

one more poem I’ve wasted,

all because you don’t care.

One more future shattered,

false dreams thrown to the wind.

One more empty silence,

I can’t do this again.

One more angry letter,

you won’t ever read it anyway.

One more picture,

one more forever fairytale.

When will my heart stop breaking,

when will it stop hurting me,

every time I try to love you,

one more time.

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M A U I's picture

i can really relate to this poem right now.. its a mixture of helplessness and confusion, love and hate ... everytime i say no more, i end up giving it another go lol even though i know it ends up in heartache all the time. hmmm, i love reading my thoughts in another person's lovely words ^_^


love, maui