In her eyes


When the world weighs me down,
and I can’t find a light in the darkness,
I look in her eyes,
and peace fills me again.

In her eyes I find truth,
when all my heart is filled with doubt.

In her eyes I see hope,
when my faith dwindles,
she makes me believe.

In her eyes there’s innocence,
a beauty undeveloped,
a rose waiting to bloom.

In her eyes lies strength,
a kind I’ve never seen before.

I look in her eyes and wonder,
will she become tainted like me?

Will that sweetness fade,
became only a bitter memory?

In her eyes I am her hero,
can do no wrong.

In her eyes I find acceptance,
the courage I need to keep going.

In her eyes lies my path,
in her sweet smile lies my heart,
in her love is my entire world.

In her eyes I see the girl she’ll become,
the laughter I pray will never fade,
as time pulls her along.

In her eyes I know I’m strong,
I know she believes in me.

As I watch her sleep,
I smile to myself,
because I know I have all the love I need,
in her beautiful brown eyes.


Author's Notes/Comments: 

D/T: My Hailey Girl. Happy Birthday my love

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Good one

Yeah I enjoyed this.