White Oleander

Parts of me

Her sapphire eyes are deceptive,
deep as oceans, dark as an abyss.

Her scarlet lips are poison,
wounding all who dare to touch.

Her body  is her weapon,
she uses it to her advantage.

Her hands are graceful yet deadly,
quick to strike out at anyone too near.

Her cold front can freeze any mortal,
as she just laughs bitterly.

To love her would be a sin,
one not worth paying for.

She punishes herself,
with each word,
each slice of her wrists.

She's beautiful and deadly,
forever paying for sins she didn't commit.

Yet in her mind, she deserves death and pain,
she waits for it to come and take her away.

Her tears mix with the dripping blood,
and all she does is laugh.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

I wrote this when I was thinking one night, sometimes when bad things happen, we wonder if we're being punished for something. Or that we should be punished, but for no logical reason other than self-hatred. This is about a girl who believes that she needs to be punished and death is what she deserves. The title is from my favorite movie, basically saying that the girl is beautiful yet deadly. I myself have felt this way on occasion, but to those who haven't this poem may be a little too dark to grasp.

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