I've been hurt,

bruised by bad relationships.

I've felt my heart

break a little more each day,

until there was nothing left.

For so long I sat in the dark,

no lights, no resque squad.

Falling and falling,

but there's no one there to catch me.

So be gentle with me,

see past my walls,

break down my defenses,

but don't hurt me again.

All I want is love,

to be held without fear.

I've taken that leap of faith,

that's why my eyes are so wounded, you see.

Be gentle with me,

just love me.

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i hate how you can find a guy

i hate how you can find a guy whose perfect and u fall so hard for them and they promise to never hurt you but they dont realize how much hope that puts in your heart. and then they leave you and your devestated. god. i hate guys. yet i cant live more then 2 weeks without one in my life...