Away from me


Mind's a trap,

spinning into oblivion,

make it all go away!

Loved and lost,

it never mattered what I wanted,

no one would ever stay.

I cut to feel the pain,

I drink to forget,

I smoke to be numb,

go away from the thoughts in my head.

Memories, voices, they haunt me,

always find me in the dark alone.

Why am I never enough,

why does everyone walk away?

Dancing with the devil,

looking out over the edge of a cliff,

wondering what's at the end of the tunnel.

Take me away from my hell,

make me feel something again,

something other than pain.

Dead eyes watching me,

voiceless whispers tainting my ears,

aeons of love stripped away.

Walk down a dark path,

alone as always,

come and find me,

take me away from me.

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