Message in a bottle


You're miles away,
yet I can still feel you close to me.

How I miss your sweet kisses,
wish I could lay in your arms.

I wrote you this message,
to tell you of my love,
but I can never find the words.

You saved me from darkness,
from life, from death.

Before you I was empty, hollow,
and you completed me.

As I laid by your side,
fingertips gently caressing your skin,
I couldn't believe you were mine.

Somehow I've been blessed,
for you are in my life,
my angel of darkness, of love.

I hear your voice in my memory,
remembering you saying you love me.

I wrote you a message today,
to tell you of my love,
but the bottle is too small,
the letter not enough.

I hope it reaches you,
that it brings that smile to your face,
the smile I miss so much.

I lay alone, thinking of you,
are you missing me too?

I hope you receive my message in a bottle,
all the love I wish I could show,
if only I knew the words to say.

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once again.. i love it :)

once again.. i love it :)