Wish I may


Have you ever loved some one so much
that you would give every breath,
just to see them happy?

Where you'd sacrifice everything you own,
just so they'd be safe and free?
I have.

When I look up at the sky
and see the first star,
I do not wish for fortune or happiness,
only for you.

I wish I could be with you,
wish I could hear you tell me that you
love me more than anything.
I wish we could be together,
alone and free.

I wish just once to wake up one morning,
any given morning,
and feel myself in your arms.

Even if the world ended, if we became poor,
it would be worth it,
just so I could be with you.

I don't care about money or a house,
all I want is you.

If I could make only one wish,
just one, and have it granted,
it would be that I could be with you.
So I can tell you every day,
longer than forever that I love you.

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i really like this one! its

i really like this one! its so true..