I finally gave in to love,

finally was happy.

What I'd dreamed I'd have for so long,

I finally had.

But she came along,

and stole away the only happiness

I'd ever felt.

Twice you kissed her,

twice you stabbed me in the back.

Now each time I see you,

I see her in your arms,

where I'm supposed to be.

Want to hate you,

but have no reason to.

Guess I'll settle for second best,

because I know I've already failed this test.

Each time you're with her,

I act like it's all ok.

When in truth each time you leave,

another scar appears on my heart.

Emotionless and cold,

I can only watch,

hide the pain from you, hide my tears.

How can I be her friend,

when it's because of her

our love has come to an end?

Author's Notes/Comments: 

D/t: delgado, written a long time ago

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Calvin Brooks's picture

i know how you feel all too well. but you've gotta move on and learn from the past.

Kathryn Helene's picture

I really like this one. I understood it, it was clear, and it made me fall into your life, almost feel what you are feeling. I like it alot. ::claps::