I hate you


Never enough, never right,

not pretty enough, worthless.

I feel empty,

hollow as a dark well.

I feel pain,

anger I don't understand.

Look in the mirror

who do I see:

Small girl, brown hair,

strangely empty eyes,

and lips that are unfamiliar

to the feel of a smile.

Razor blade in hand,

arm exposed.

Can feel the pulse,

beneath my fingertips.

Slowly carve one letter- I

press down gently, not too hard.

Keep carving, H-A-T, blood appears,

continue, feeling nothing;


One more letter I carve slowly,

almost lovingly, watch the blood travel

in drips down my arm- U.

Finished, I wipe away the blood,

then hide my weapon, hide the wound.

Who do I hate,

you don't know me.

It could be anyone,

but only I know the truth...

it's myself...

Author's Notes/Comments: 

I did this once, carved I hate you into my arm. Decided to write a poem about it

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