America The Beautiful

Hey little daughter,
don't you go and scrape the silver along the china.
Your father is a U.S. killer,
and your mother's a beau.
Inside of you it's bound to brew.
You'd spend a life trying to deny it,
don't you be so damn cruel.
you're born on the 4th of July,
can't you see.
You're the good ol' red, white & blue.
some how you don't feel free.

But it's American as you,
It's as American as me.

When your heart hurts,
you wrap it up in a flag and go pray.
Fireworks go bang,
Happy Birthday.
Republicans stand in the way,
but Democrats don't make us free.
It's as patriotic as slavery.
Everybody sang it,
why won't you?
Baby sing it with me.

It's American as you,
it's the Americana in me.

aint that the fatigue you once wore?
I must say,
you look more beautiful than before.
You've gone away,
but ya say, "America is at WAR!"
What the hell you fighting for?
You aint fighting for me,
no, not all.
But you won't let that star spangled banner go an fall.
You want us to be free.
So the killer in you is a beauty.

It's American as you, it's as American as me.

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