Run the hearts on a lover
Be a good little runner
Cry no one color
Go on a little further

Streets are paved with
hearts that break
Who needs a lover
When hearts can be broken

Broken hearts break

Tears run to the gutter
So be a good little runner
Run the hearts of your lover

Shoes for your mommy
Confused little baby
Daddys working the polyphony
Going Sadly somberly
Coming back from crazy

Hearts eating tar
On the road that you are
Don't lose that north star
Make it to that cable car

Don't you hear it running
Darling you are stunning
Your heroes are coming

Don't you hear them coming

Leave your love in your mind, but
Your soul is behind
We will see where you wind up

Don't know what to cry is
Lovers left us under
Turned us to fighters
Just  another worlds wonder
But this heart is unrighteous

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