Enchanted Misery

I feel it's stranger over there

The blood is raining on our hair

These four walls, this old chair

Man in the mirror

Please don't stare

You know who its going to scare

But you don't care

You call me every coward thing

Every now and again in my dream

I smile and I try to stay clean

Because I know love will be by to pick me up in a limousine

There's monsters under my bed

Skeletons in my closet

Its hard to keep my head

Lord knows how hard it get

Every hurtful word you said, you know what it did

When everyone who ain't my friend applauded

Every hour

I pull a pedal from this dead flower

Come and get me now or....

Its too late

By the time you make it back

We all may be dressed in black

I shape my little heart break box round

Inside where I keep love locked down

Like I never even heard the cracking sound

I wipe it off

Pick it back up off the ground

In my mind, I'm in a fancy crown

Home is a classy town

And the hands of time are all unwound

And I'm liberated of this casting cloud

I don't wanna sleep tonight

Someones gonna lose a life

So keep on the light

I feel I might just loose my life

Be the one to loose my life

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Ruth Lovejoy's picture

I agree with Bryan's take on your piece,we're often most critical of ourselves sometimes more then we need be but it is ourselves we answer to so it's the individual personality that handles things in their individual way...I think it's an excellent write!

Bryan Adam Tomimbang's picture

Excellent and well-written piece. From my interpretation it's about being self-critical about our own appearances/perceptions/beliefs/imperfections/aspects of our lives and the dark shadows that lurk to disapprove ourselves. I don't know if that was the intent of this poem but I strongly think it's well done. Thx for sharing!