Screaming with the animals

theres no way out of here

animals walking the people,

no quiet beast

biting our skin with our teeth

can't get no relief

say aint it strange to see in the day

by night time

the mother is crying

the children wipe her tears away

outside in the new world

every man for themselfs

every religion fails

Christs cross hails

on the thrice nail

the father kept the view

in the house of God

worship the body by the pew

but death is you

amongst love and rape

same expression on the face

the cuts slit deeper, they gape

and we all question this faith

screaming with the animals

in this madness its casual

nothing left to do but laugh

to distract its sadness

we splash in this bloody bath

the Kingdom is wild

its no longer a zoo

not much we can do

the blood hath the roses red

the poor violets are blue

they're all dead

the killer is me,

the killer is you

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