Our Final Goodbye

I'm tired of all your excuses

Sick of all your lies

You never said you loved me

So now I'll say goodbye

I don't care if you're in pain

Beneath your feet you crushed the dream

I can't believe I was foolish

I regret ever wanting to bear your seed

I'm gonna be just fine

At least we can say we tried

You didn't let it work this time

So say our final goodbye

Even if it was hell on earth

I thought five years meant something

I found the mess you made

Now the life we had means nothing

I found someone who cares

Who wouldn't deny that he is mine

Your stupid games are no longer fun

So just let me say our final goodbye

Author's Notes/Comments: 

Mwahahaha...Dontcha hate it when you work so hard for something and you just crumble?..well..actually..that didn't happen this time..as you see in the final stanza =D

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