Baby Girl Born

Baby girl born

Mamma's sweet gift

Daddy wanted another son

But couldn't help but love her

Who could resist those blue eyes?

And those tiny baby hands?

Mamma's little brat

Daddy's little angel

Got anything she wanted

Bossy, pretty baby

She could get away with anything

Mamma's got a handful

Daddy has it all under control

Screaming at her mamma

Smiling at her daddy

Smiles soon to be erased from time

Mamma works two shifts

Daddy don't live here no more

Auntie comes to teach girl manners

Girl learns to tie her shoes

Learns to count by twos

Mamma's gone for now

Daddy comes around every so often

Now Auntie and Uncle take care of girl

Little girl screams for Daddy

And then a year later...

Mamma's got a new Daddy

Daddy's rarely seen now

he lights go out

New Daddy visits girl a night

Girl now screams for Mamma

Mamma's in the hospital

Daddy seems gone forever

New Daddy visits girl ofen

Beautiful blue eyes turn stone grey-green

Girl gets sick of this shit

Mamma knows New Daddy's bad habits

Daddy's back, but drinks oo much

Girl long ago escaped those nightly visits

But girl is fucked up

No Mom or Dad worth living with

Daddy's an angry drunk sometimes

Mommy's still with piece of shit New Daddy

Girl lives with Aunt and Uncle again

Girl cuts herself, feels sick of living

Afraid of the dark, cries herself to sleep

And girl is me

And I wanna be Mamma's sweet gift again

I wanna be Daddy's little angel again

But I'm lucky if in the future

I can still beath...

Author's Notes/Comments: 

My first poem about some of my abuse...I'm slowly breaking out of my shell..

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