Love forever...Me


I'm sorry about everything that's happened...

And it's realy pulled my faith and spirits down..

And I'm just going to get you in trouble..

If you aready aren't..

I'm sorry..

It's just not going to work..

In my opinion I tried my hardest..

Maybe I could try harder, but thinking of the past just brings me down again

I'm so sad right now I could cry, but I won't

It hurts so bad I think something is either telling me to be strong or let go..

so I think I'll let go

God knows I love you, but I don't want to get you thrown into this crap

No matter how much I beg and plead don't take me back this time..

Love forever...Me

Author's Notes/Comments: sucks

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Shari Simmons's picture

Love Stinks. I Love this poem though. I have a poem called "No Tears" check it out and give me feed back!