Away From You

Maybe being away

from you

just hurts too much.

So maybe I'm trying to

push you out of my heart

You said you'd wait for me,


How do you know

that I'm truly worth it?

I think all this pushing

is making me feel

like I'm backstabbing you.

So far away from you

I just want to hold you

Will you come to me?

I don't care, I'll run to you

So keep your arms open

So you can embrace me

When people ask me

where I want to go most

I have a choice, all over the world

but I tell them

I'll be fine if I

could just be in your arms

You're right there

but then again you're not

I reach out to touch you

but something grabs me

and pulls me away

then your gone again

I torture myself

listening to those sad songs

and I fight the tears that

sting my eyes

sometimes the time flies by

sometimes minutes can go on like years

I can hear the clock ticking

I fall asleep thiking about about you

I've lost all interest in everything

but you

I'm afraid one day

all this loneliness will destroy me

I need someone to hold my

hand and pull me through this

I pray that I'll

see you soon again

It's just so hard being away from you..

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