Better Than Me


Your blood is not more pure than my own,

Your brain is no larger.

Your heart does not beat with more passion,

Your legs do not carry you more gracefully.

Your hands do not work harder than mine,

Your eyes do not see more clearly.

Your tongue is not more mellifluous than mine,

Your ears do not hear more ardently.

You are human, the same as I.

You are not better than me.

You may hold your head higher,

Berate me when you have the chance.

You may always call me a liar,

While forgetting your own words.

You treat me as if I were a child,

And you the wise elder,

But I promise you...

You are not better than me!

Author's Notes/Comments: 

I wrote this while I was drunk, so... You'll have to excuse the lack of 'talent'.  But... This was written from the heart, and reflects the feelings I felt at the time towards the person I love.

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