Standing on the edge of a scar driven deep into the earth, I was suddenly struck with a strong dose of vertigo.  It was that spinning sensation you get that at first, makes everything seem a surreal blur before your eyes except for that single point of collision below you, and suddenly you feel as if you were on the tallest mountain, on the highest peak staring down at the lowest peice of land on the planet.  This feeling just takes a grip on every organ located inside your torso.  It squeezes at your heart, fills your lungs with bitter ice and squirms against your intestines...Needless to say, it is not pleasant.  But it struck me none the less and just as my lip curled into a snarl of horror and anger, my foot decided to slip from beneath me on some cosmically well placed pebbles, that in all their aged glory had become marable smooth and damn near invisible against the sandy coating of dirt that layered every piece of ground in a hundred mile radius.  It of course did not help matters at all that my shoes had little tred left on them from my hike up to this unlikely situation.  I'll never by cheap shoes again, I swear.

Swearing fealty to the Shoe God though, did not stop my forward tumble into the open air an unthinkable amount of feet from the ground.  My heart was doing backflips through a ring of fire.


Obviously I did not tumble head first off the side, or I would not be writing this account of my terrifying experience.  So anyway, there I was, just about to meet my maker when all of a sudden a huge tentable reached out of the open sky and snaked around my midsection.  This really only angered the knife-wielding butterflies into a merderous frenzy.  But, it did stop my plunge, so when the curling appendage tightened around me, I wasn't sure whether to be more fearful for my life, hope that I tasted vile in all my sweat covered glory and curl up in the fetal position, or if I should have just yelped out in joy that I was not going to be a smear on some boulder a thousand feet below any human life.

My worries did not last for too long however, because as I reflexively thrashed about with insane fear (and I was feeling quite insane), I opened my eyes wide to realize that the gigantic, unexplainable tentacle that had me captured, was nothing more than my twisted bedsheet winning in the battle of nocturnal war.  I gave up struggling after the stupidity, shame and broken pride sucked all the fear induced energy out of me.  So there I lay in defeat for a while, sheet and blankets entwined with my limbs bringing to mind a past, failed relationship (one of many), but still, it was a comfortable feeling after such a tramatic dream.

I fell asleep two minutes later, slipping not so grugingly back into one of those failed relationships...before I knew it was failing worse than an ADHD child without medication, in highschool, of course.

The End.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

I was bored at work.

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