In Your Tower


You tried to change me

From outside to in

And you never believed

When I told you, I'd win

Because getting to know me

Is more like a sin

There is no way out

Just the way you came in.

But please don't be sad

I won't keep you here

I know that I hurt you

Whenever I'm near

So I'll let you go

You have nothing to fear

While you run away

I'll remain here.

You don't have to worry

I won't be alone

I have all my thoughts

My memories, my home

You can't hurt a person

Who's hearts made of stone

Just think of your new love

When you feel alone.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

If you love somebody... You'll love them how they are, not how they could be if you change them.

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Gary Mills's picture

Funny how that happens, people think that others need to change with No reflection on how that change will effect the "changie" (and what happens to the rest of that person that you changed?) They don't seem to realize that change is consuming, it takes the things you liked, along with the things you didn't.
Good write Dee...and ...
Don't ever change!

Stay safe