(She Series - 6) Dive


She stood there in silence, her eyes gazing at the black water just a foot away from her.  Every breath she let out curled away in tendrils of steam.  The night was cold, and she knew that the water was nothing more than an icy lake of pain.  It had to be done though.  But how?

Would she stand there in the cold, dipping her tender toes into the darkness?  Would she wait hours upon hours, hoping that her skin would quit crawling soon?  Hoping that the hairs on her body would cease standing on end?  For her heart to stop racing with the anticipation of what was to come?

Or would she just dive in?  Let the frozen water penetrate her fragile flesh, burning her skin in that single moment of pure agony.  Would she succumb to the pain that would last for only a moment?

She couldn't decide... Slow or fast?  Slow or fast?  Perhaps if she went slowly, she would get used to it and her body would accept the dark cold.  But what if it didn't?  What if she spent hours trying to get used to the feeling then just could not go through with it?  Maybe fast was better.  If she just dived in there would be no turning back, no second guesses.  It would stop her heart but only for a moment.  The choice was hard...

Pressure was building, she had to make her decision.  It was now or never...

Gathering her courage, she dove.

Making love for the first time was the same way.

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