I hate you.

In my heart, you were always there.

It plagued me like some lethal disease,

Killing my slowly, silently, eating away

From the inside out, and I didn't realize,

Till it was too late, that I couldn't go back.

I couldn't get rid of it.

Like a scorching brand on my flesh,

You just wouldn't leave,

Even when you weren't there anymore.

But in my mind, my heart, my soul,

You stayed, infested in me as if...

As if I were a decaying corpse,

All emotion, except my need for you,

Dead and gone, forgotten forever.

Why couldn't you leave...

Before it was too late.

But there's nothing I can do now.

Only watch from your subconscious

As your eyes are drown in happiness,

The happiness you have now without me,

Without me in your life.

But I'm always there, in your dark dreams,

The shadows that you'll never light.

And here I choke,

On the seeping emotions that flow...

Flow from my heart as I sit there.

But don't worry...

My blood will never be on your hands,

On your conscience,

In your thoughts.

I'll never taint your heart,

Place my stigma on your soul.

I'm dead to you, and to the world.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

I haven't added a poem in a while, and this one came... well... when I sorta-- ack, lol... my inspiration doesn't really matter.  I don't care if the critiques on this aren't good, I like it.

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