(She Series - 4) Timeless


Her face grew serene at the sight of his deep brown eyes.  Looking into them was like looking into an endless pit that held all the secrets to the human heart and soul.  How did he seemed to know these secrets, she didn't know.  All she could do was keep her eyes locked onto his, afraid that if she dared to look away, the minute grasp she had on his knowledge would slip from her fingers in moments.  Her eyes began to moisten then as tears threatened to emerge.  Why did her heart hurt so much?  No matter how much her soul begged her to look away from the boy, she just could not... Something about his eyes were magnetic, and she just couldn't look away, no matter what.  The first tear slid down her cheek slowly, leaving a thin path in its wake until it reached her chin, and dripped from her face down onto the leather support she was leaning against.  Above her, a cloud shifted to the side a bit, letting the sun shower the earth with its magnificant rays.  The light reflected off the of glass infront of her, and blinded her temporarily, freeing her from the boys eyes for a moment.  As the sun's beam passed though and gave her sight again, she almost cried aloud as the car beside her sped away when the light turned green...  Perhaps she would never find this boy again... This boy who had all the answers to all the questions she had ever dreamt of... And though she had only seen him for a minute, and could only look into his eyes, she knew that he was her soul mate, because for that single minute, their souls connected in a way that most people will never experience in all the years of their existance...  She sadly turned her face away from the window and looked forward again, clutching the bottle of milk in her hands desperately as if it were the only life line she had left on this harsh journey that she had only begun to travel...

Author's Notes/Comments: 

I wonder...Can anybody tell how old this girl is?  Shouldn't be that hard

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