(She Series - 3) Temporary Love Affair


The sound of anxious voices filled the crowded room like a vivacious tidal wave against a shore. People pranced to and fro holding dearly onto their short-lived lovers, who would only be their beloved till the music died from their ears. The mass of dancers elegantly moved in beautifully complex patterns along the starless, midnight beneath them... And off to the side, watching this intricate crescendo of temporary love affairs, she stood solemnly. Her pale green eyes gazed dreamily into the torrent of souls, her own heart beating off tune with the music as she wished for her own transient knight to whisk her away into the swarm of princes and their ephemeral princesses. As she almost began to let out a futile sigh of disappointment, he stepped before her in all his feign valor. Her eyes widened just a bit as he held his hand out to her, palm facing the Heavens awaiting for her own skin to touch down onto his own. Without a second thought, she delicately placed her hand in his, her heart quickening just a little as his fingers curled around hers. She was swept out into the mainstream of the storming beguilement, her own knight pulling her closer into the safety of his arms. She coupled with him the way each of these momentary lovers united as she was plunged into the untamed waters of the harmonious dancers. Her feet daintily fell into rhythm with his as if they had become the hearts of two souls in the act of making the purest of love. Of course...The dance would end...And the torturously pleasant waves of movement would fall quiet...And the short-lived love affairs would cease...And the music would die in the ears of all...

Author's Notes/Comments: 

This is acctually inspired by a friend...and it didn't quite come out the way I wanted it to, because I wanted it to be romantic at first...but this is more like O.o;; not too cheery...

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