(She Series - 1) Drowning Sorrows


The pale moonlight shone softly on her milky white flesh as she stood serenely beside the dismal lake. Her bare feet were sunken into the sandy shore just a bit as she stood there, her dainty body a small white shadow on the desolate midnight horizon. A gentle breeze began to pick up during the night, and caused her glossy blonde hair to shift off of her shoulders and sway like outreaching fingers across the air. Her piercing green orbs reflected the cresent moon as she gazed out at the beckoning water. The soft wind created tiny ripples against the water, the faint lapping of the liquid against the shore a melodic song to her ears. Taking a single step forward, the moist sand clung to her delicate feet as a small imprint was left behind, marking where she had stood mere moments ago. Would the footstep still be there in the morning? It didn't matter...She was living in this time, and the future had no meaning... Her pure white dress fluttered as the wind blew again, almost as a foreboding warning to the girl. She lifted her soiled hands up to the faint light of the moon, and gazed down at her now defiled flesh... Only the frigid water before her could purge her flesh of it's corruption in a final bath. She prayed for forgiveness as she slowly moved forward once more, the icy liquid touching her skin, sending unpleasant tingles up her frail body. Perhaps she could finally wash away all the vile memories that her body insisted on reminding her of...

Author's Notes/Comments: 

This is the first in a series of short stories i'm doing to vent my uhhh...negative energy.  

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