Who's to Blame


I sit and wait to hear your voice

It never comes, that's not my choice

I always wait, you never show

I cry my tears, let my hate grow

Is it that hard to speak those words

I need them now because it hurts

You never say it, till I cry

Does this mean that your loves a lie?

Can't you see it's hurting me?

I want you only, can't you see?

I waited long till years flew by

No happiness, I only cried

Yet afterwards you always came

But after that it was the same

This isn't right, you're so unfair

Why can't you see my lifes to share,

With you forever, that's all i want

You're in my dreams, my mind you haunt

I can't go through, it needs to halt

It isn't you...It's all my fault...

Author's Notes/Comments: 

*sighs* i dunno

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