Untitled -- 7.25.2002

Poetry by friends

Every night,

I wonder why,

I ask this god,

to let me die,

To never wake,

My life is shit,

My love is fake,

My mind has split,

The next day comes,

I stand and pray,

that this will be,

My final day,

But how that day,

Will never come

for thats too easy,

for me, the scum.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

Written by Sid...he's prolly gonna kill me for posting it, but i think this poem is REALLY REALLY good, no matter what he says, and I think sharing this poem with others is only right, cause poetry makes people feel less alone...Or I think so...

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Cough cough--
Kills her--
>< Besides its the old one. I updated it o.O