Lost Dreams


The clock ticks away on this cold, desolate night

I've lost all my dreams, no more reasons in life to fight

Just fall on my knees in the pure freezing snow

My body going numb as I feel the nothing within me grow

Where are my dreams, why did they leave me

I needed them dearly, to comfort and relieve me

They gave me a hope, a reason to wake up

They veiled my eyes from all the evil and corrupt

Why did I lose them, my innocent hopes

My dreams were a life-line, an unconscious rope

But now I'm without them as I kneel here and pray

To the darkening sky, the ever lifeless day

Why is the snow turning red now, the only color in my eyes

Staining this black and white world that I so much despise

The cold...it's now fading...just like my dreams

A deeper darkness is approaching...nothing is quite...as it seems

Author's Notes/Comments: 

i dunno...it sucks, lol

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