The Popular Class


Some times I wish that I were you

The top of the class; the popular few

Alone in my desk; a corner seat

I stare as you and all your friends meet

Why wasn't I born with that beautiful hair

Those creamy soft cheeks; that baby blue stare

Instead here I am with my glasses; myself

An ugly creation for the hidden back shelf

Didn't God love me? My mom always said,

"You just have to pray; not let it get to your head,

Those girls they are ugly; inside not out,

Don't pity yourself and don't always pout"

My class they would tease me, but that was alright

I never spoke back; I never did fight

They'd push me to lockers; Hit me with pens

I just kept my head down and prayed for their sins

God couldn't hate me, for what had I done?

I just wanted friends; I just wanted fun

My face was no choice; these cheeks chose no tears

Why did they mock me and give me their sneers

Maybe it'd be better if I were alone

No getting beat down; no crying at home

I'd bother nobody; I'd annoy them no more

Just wait my dear blade, for what I have in store...

Author's Notes/Comments: 

...Don't pick on people at school, you never know how it effects them in the long run.  Too many people commit suicide because others tell them they aren't good enough.  Be kind to others, because one day you might need them to be kind to you.

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