They're lovable and cuddable and always by your side

They'd protect you in a heartbeat, and walk with you in pride

Some have tons of hair, and are playful as hell

Others are bald and cower to a corner when you yell

A few are more demanding, and require a bit of time

They won't shut up or leave you alone, all they do is whine

But then you get the decent ones, who you always want to keep

Ones who love to give affection, and never make a peep

Now I really think I ought to say whom this poem is to

It's of course dedicated to man's best friend, always through and through

Or...perhaps I should say woman's best friend because men...

This poem is about you

Author's Notes/Comments: 

hehe....i dunno...bored

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Yvonne Coe's picture

awesome poem :) that was just great keep up the great work :)