Will You Love Me Tomorrow


My tears are only hollow shells

Imitations of silver linings on those golden clouds

Everything I have inside is blackened to the core

I hurt those around me, a razor to their heart

Do I even care

Love a powerful weapon of destruction

I use it

Why don't you care

Haven't I hurt you enough

Oceans of pain; the blood within me

You can't see the vile entity that controls

The desires in my head, pure evil.

Will you believe me

I don't try to be this way

Author's Notes/Comments: 

NOT DONE......

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Allie Renar's picture

this poem was beautiful.. well written. you have a lot of talent.

Ari's picture

Okay so here I am as promised Dee and no I actually didn't put April is a evil cow but I wanted to, God help me I did. Anyhow why the hell did I pick this poem? I dunno, I liked the title I guess ^^ But I digress...so how good a poem was this? Well they say the standard is in how much hurt a poem can drag up that's what you base it on and hell this is a major sore spot for me. And maybe I am a little evil, who am I kidding ALOT evil. If you only knew...the half of it >:[ Heh good thing you don't well this was nice Dee, really good!