Cripple and Rape Me


I feel stripped bare of my true self by society.

Always demanding, always changing,

There is an unending circle of everlasting propriety

Constantly pushing and pulling.

I've never seemed to fit into anywhere I've been;

Lost in dreams long forgotten;

And in my rejection I seemed to have turned into a sin.

Judged by those who are just like me,

Have they the right to say what I can and cannot do;

Even if they mock me in their own ways;

I can't help but wonder if I'll ever make it through.

I feel others have crippled and raped me;

My own thoughts stolen by force.

But society will never change, they'll never see...

Author's Notes/Comments: 

Errrr....Yeah. -_-;

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Brandon Vettel's picture

I can really relate to you on this poem, society is messed up. Once I get time I will have to leave more comments about some of your other poems, all I have read so far are very good.

robertpaullocke's picture

I hear you! being physically disabled. ( Not physcally challenged) but physically disabled. I understand where you arecomming from because I'm always getting made fun of daily. by Kids, adults, and just plain folks. I would think that after 35 people would know the difference between physically disability with mental.

Gian Bathory's picture

Not quite my style, yet very reminiscent of Nine Inch Nails, circa "The Downward Spiral". All in all, its a good piece!