The Bandwagon


Everybody sees me sitting, everybody stares

Everybody sees me crying, but nobody cares

All the world can see my pain but none of them step near

Each of them just stay and watch, and keep away in fear

Alone each day I face the stage, all alone I cry

Alone each day I walk along, and all alone I'll die

All the world laughs at me every time I fall

Each of them just point and grin anytime I call

Everybody sees me cower, and they all attack

Everybody sees me reach, and they push me back...

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Rob Russell's picture

I Enjoyed This Piece Very Much.
It Was Vivid, And Painted A
Picturesk, Clear Image Of Things
I've Seen, Delt With, And Patronized
People Of. The Ignorance I Walked
In Was ShortLived ThanK God. But
It Was Lived RegardLess. This Meant
A Lot To Me. Keep Ya Head Up. [1]