Writers Block


I started to write this serious poem

I did it bored when I was home all alone

It started off about love, and the pleasures within

It had something about being mortal and eternal sin

But my mind started to wander with the techno I had playing

And my brain wouldn't work, I couldn't remember what I was saying

So here I was, sitting all alone

Trying so hard to write a serious poem

The thoughts in my head were just not flowing

No new ideas were in my head growing

I stopped at the line that ended with rich

I couldn't think of anything that rhymed; this poem was a bitch

My head started hurting from how hard I was thinking

But as the time ticked on my heart started sinking

I'd never finish this stupid little poem

And I had nothing else to do; I was all alone

Why did I have to have such writers block?

I had no ideas in my head, I had no backup stock

It seems I wasn't destined to write this day

So I sat there with the screen, what more could I say?

All I wanted was to fill up my time while I was alone

This was such a horrible day, for I couldn't write my poem

Author's Notes/Comments: 

it's not supposed to be serious ~_~
blah, i was just fooling around while i couldn't think of anything...so uhh...yeah

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Your block amuse all of us.