What you really are


From afar...You looked so graceful

Your shining brilliance brightened my darkness

Without touching, I could feel your purity

Each breath from your lips was a blessing...

Yet...With each closer step was a change

Your light seemed to fade a bit

Your purity seemed tainted

Blessings were turned into curses...

What happened to my angel

Was I always this blind

Could looks have deceived me

Where did you go...

I never got to touch your skin

You disappeared from my sight

I thought I loved you...but...

I don't understand what happened

From afar...You looked like perfection

A dream that I could reach toward

But as I looked at you deeper

Your beauty dissipated...

Author's Notes/Comments: 

Never fall in love at first sight...

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Eddie Duffy's picture

very well put...id truly have to agree with you on this, and i like your poetry, has alot of intelligence

Yosho's picture

This poem really spoke to me. I really did like this one.

Eve's picture

It hurts so very much when you find out that somebody you loved for the last four years of your life lied to you the entire time. Never trust anybody...being alone is the only way to save yourself from the pain of loss. Don't let yourself get close to others, cause it'll only end in heartache...i promise you that