That's it, let it out, dont keep it in

Hit me once more, release all that pent up sin

Make me bleed, bruise me more

Slap me harder, make me sore

I'm used to the abuse, I'm used to the way it feels

I just stand there and take it, cause I see what it reveals

That inner hatred you have for me,

I know it, I can see

Just keep going, break me in half

Pull my hair, scratch me up, do this and laugh

Pin me to the wall, kick me, lash me

Keep going through the night, set your violence free

...Does it sound like I say this to you

...Does it seem to my liking

...Do you think I enjoy waiting for you to be through

...Do you think I love all your striking

...I don't...I don't...I don't...

Author's Notes/Comments: 

blah, piece of shit ^_^;

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Darlene Brooks's picture

I really like this one.I know exactly where you're coming from with it.Keep writing...the inspiration is needed somewhere.

larissa's picture

its not a piece of shit like you say. it brings to the mind that not everyone's life is laid out in a perfect little package. keep on writing....luv larzy

Ami Anderson's picture

Very interesting dee, who is it about and for? Ami