I woke up one morning to find you by my side

I looked at your sleeping face, and realized you had something to hide

This wasn't your first, and it wouldn't be your last

To you I was just another girl for you to walk past

One of those professionals, you are certainly good at your work

Each new employee of yours, just another little quirk

That's when I sat up and crossed my arms, angry with myself

I got up and grabbed my clothes, then took your wallet from off the shelf

I wasn't gonna let you get away, with making a fool of me

I was gonna pay you back baby, you were definetly gonna see

Somewhere off in the distance then, the mournful cry of a crow

You woke up and smiled, said come back to bed, and my honest answer...HELL NO

Author's Notes/Comments: 

Who knows -_-'

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this_is_life's picture

Once again the way of bluntly saying what you feel made this poem great! Take power and show that ass who's fuckin with who. WOO!