A world of war, a life of pain

So much fighting, but what do we gain

We send off our soldiers to fight and to kill

They fight with great honor, big hearts and great will

They think of their loved ones as they go off to fight

They fight for our freedom our choice and our right

We help other nations in their time of need

We help them defend and we help them succeed

Innocents are killed as the war goes on longer

Their family seeks revenge and the war just gets stronger

When will it end, this war and this killing

Don't people realize how much blood we are spilling

I hope all these battles are not fought in vain

And I hope that one day it is peace we obtain

My father must go off to war to help fight

And I pray to the heavens that he'll be alright

I don't want to lose him if I did a part of me would be dying

I would die in my heart and I would never stop crying

I hope that they win and I hope they make peace

But most of all I hope that all fighting would cease . . .

Author's Notes/Comments: 

This was acctually the first real poem I ever wrote.  I made it for my father and a contest.  My inspiration, was the fact that he was getting sent to war (duh).

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