Your sweet lies are jewels in my soul

I believed that you loved me to death

Your blackened heart will pay its toll

As you lie and let out your final breath

Your deception is a mark upon my being

I believed your words were truth

Your hatred for me was far beyond my seeing

And all your utterances were opposite of sooth

I held you against me, when you needed love

I told you my deepest of pain

I know you will never end up happily above

And I will smile, after you I have slowly slain

Your blood will drip, and your pain will last

For the pain you gave me is eternal

In the depths of hell you shall be cast

To burn always in that nightmarish inferno

The fire of my heart grows stronger with hate

And my revenge on you I shall eventually take

The hurt I inflict upon you gives my soul no sate

And I swear that you I will surely break.

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