I beg of you my love


Let me go I wish to leave, my heart you have imprisoned,

This is not the life I wanted, this is not the love I envisioned,

You keep me close to pain me as you always have before,

I ask that you release me now, your kindness I implore,

So tell me now my dearest if you'll go and set me free,

Will you let my soul out of your grasp and let my broken heart be,

I beg of you my only love to stop this prolonged torture,

You have become my nightmare, my souls single scorcher

My life you branded with your pain that will leave me never

The memories you gave to me I must keep forever

Author's Notes/Comments: 

Hmm...No reason for this one...  ^_^;; boredom I guess.

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Jessica Goodrich's picture

This is so GREAT!

Reinhart Angel's picture

This poem descibes how I feel with the man in my life now. I hope that what ever inspired you to write this poem never happens again because I know how painful somthign like that can b. Reinhart Angel