The pain I feel is dark and deep.  My bloodstained tears hit the ground.

My soul full of hate is covered with deceit.  My voiceless screams make no sound.

My heart is shattered and torn to shreds, the ones that I love now gone.

The fantasy lies fill each of their heads and I feel as if I were played as a pawn.

In this darkest hour I cry alone in a room I once felt was mine.

But that security and calm that I once felt it had, has vanished in such a short time.

I cannot express the hurt that I feel as the one that I love left my side.

I thought only of him as I sat here and wrote and as I quietly cried.

My brother, my heart, a piece of my soul, as turned against me in hate.

He cannot see the love I have for him, and is stuck in the illusions he creates.

His hateful words were poison in my heart and I wished that death would come soon.

But here I sit instead, by myself and cry in the darkness of my room.

We once shared a home in peace and love, but something had changed that all.

Fighting began, and people were hurt and our once happy home began to fall.

Our home was not savable so a change he set forth, trying as hard as he could.

But little did he realize that all he had done was destroyed the ground on which I stood.

I still do not hate him, this brother of mine; although he hates me I�m sure.

I only wish that he could se that all my intentions were nothing at all except pure.

And so I sit in my darkened room, writing my tears away.

And I can only hope that no matter what, always a family we�ll stay.

Dedicated to Nemesis and Lee

Author's Notes/Comments: 

I was going through some hard times when I wrote this, and I wanted to dedicate something to my two WONDERFUL brothers, Griffen and Lee.  I love you both no matter what.

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