My Darling


You left one night without farewell, you left me cold and alone

You turned your back and closed the door, your warm heart turned to stone.

You took my heart as you left, you crushed my broken soul

You only glanced at me and glared with eyes as black as coal.

You said you didn't need me, and that I was all in vain

You said that when you were near me that I only caused you pain.

Well, darling if that all is true then please delay no more

Leave me now if that's what you wish, although my heart is tore.

I live for you, and wish you bliss for always till the end

And if in any way I could help you, my aid I'll happily lend.

My darling you are all I need, in this world and beyond

And no matter what you do or say of you I'll always stay fond.

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