Lovers First Night


Their graceful shadows play against the wall as their arms embrace one another. Held by the passion of each touch, the two lovers cannot contain their inner desires any longer. As the night dwindles away with the sunrise, they hastily make use of every second given to them by God. Aspiring whispers melodically charm the couple whilst they dance together under the stars of Heaven. Nothing can come between the pair, even as the soft breeze of summer flows around them, they cling to one another in loving desperation. Swimming in the satin sheets of their bed, they trace gentle lines across each other's flesh with their fingertips. They melt into one another as the night passes by. This is their first night as lovers. Every breath and movement is ingrained into their minds forever. To them, this is the purest moment of happiness ever experienced. The lovers cannot foresee what the dawn will bring, yet trapped in the darkness with each other, they are in bliss. Is this true love?

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wow your poetry is awesome. i mena it's so deep and truthful. i really idolize your talent. write me bakc osmetime.