A Room


Laced with scarlet poison, the glass of ruby red wine sat on the small, black marble table in the rich man�s estate. The table was quite antique, with runic letters carved delicately along the rim of the top, each carving filled with sapphire, the deep blue gemstones sparkling elegantly; it was no further across than a foot. The surface was polished heavily, and reflected the crystal wineglass almost perfectly. The soft sound of Mozart played in the background. Panned out, more of the rich, lustrous room could be seen. Beside the small table was another antique piece of furniture. It was a Victorian sofa. It had ancient looking upholstery with a faded lavender color. Rested along the back of it were lavishly decorated silk pillows, also Victorian in style, a light gray in color with pale golden trimming. The set up was exquisite. When looking at the view a bit further away one could see the gorgeous carpet the sofa and table stood on. It had a tapestry sense to it, and was ornamented richly with ancient battle scenes. Faded displays of gallant knights on noble steeds raising their swords up into the air ran across the central area of the carpet. Along the edges were portraits of angels in battle with demons, but this could not be seen so well due to the age of the material. Underneath the elaborate carpet was a dark mahogany wood floor. It glossed radiantly, and reflected the elegant fireplace across from the sofa. The mantle of the fireplace was also of ebony marble and the front of it was carved decoratively with more runic symbols, also which were filled with melted down sapphire. Set on top of the mantle were more antiquities. On the far left was a tall vase, garnished in copper, slightly tainted with age. It had gentle paintings of flowers around it, reflecting the room around it faintly. Next to it was a brass picture frame, molded into a somewhat wavy shape, every turn of the metal fitting the grace of the room. Inside the frame was an old black and white photo revealing a small girl sitting on a swing. The girl had long hair, the color unknown though due to the lack of colors; she had a pretty dress on that went down to her ankles. She was holding onto the rope of the swing with one hand and embraced a doll with her other arm. The swing was attached to a large tree, which was planted a short distance from a large house in the background. Moving further to the right of the picture frame was a small box. It was made of dark chestnut wood with the repeated runic carvings on the front and sides. The lid of the delicate box was of glass, and printed on the glass were vague impressions of flowers.

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this was realy cool to read, i liked all the Visuals, it is very detailed and i like that. are u thinking about adding more to it? b/c i think i would make a great story!