Another Valentine's Day

He was her love

He was her life

When he left that day  

Little did he realize he took with him all she had

Looking down at the tattered letters begining to fade

She began to recall a beautiful time

Not to long ago  

Valentine's Day had been their day

Not just the cards, candy or flowers

It was the day they fell in love

Pulling the letter to her heart

A tear fell down her cheek

The love written in them words

The feelings behind each one

How could something so right  

Leave in the night

All was well when they went to bed that night

But when she awoke

All alone  in that big ole bed

Now so cold

Wiping the tear from her cheek

Gently placing the cards and letter away for now

Softly smiling as she closed the lid

Whispering to herself

Fly amongst the angels my love

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