Without 2 nd guessing 

I'm writing my thoughts 

Fed up with this shit called reality 

8 shots and 4 beers in

Still can't find a smile 

If I wasn't broke I'll be roaming the streets 

Looking for a handgun 

Video my shot like that 1 guy 

But I'm more then jacking my jaw 

It'll be point blank temple aiming 

Making family casket shop 

And pick out 3 songs 

Trying to act like they ain't pissed

That they have to deal with more of my shit 

Cause lord knows i never sacrificed

And what a dick  I am reminding any of you of it 

But I'm good being that 

Always have been  cause it always made beating you pussies up easy 

At 40 I'm just putting myself in permanent time out 

Playing  my own god 

Hard to be honest today 

Without being an asshole 

People eat ya up faster then pac man feasting on Clyde , blinky , pinky and inky

Be the same who leave they board full of dots  eating power pellets first 

Never even made it to get an extra man 






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