My Smile

Lazy dog days 

Spent pacing the floor 

From couch to the door 

Feeling the walls closing in 

As boredom grows within 

Low funds keeps the   mileage down 

No funds makes deciding what to do easier 

Unlimited funds would help me find death 

Or a lot of sex 

Which could mean  killer sex 

Or maybe Sex with a holder of something killer 

If condoms didn't ruin the feeling 

I would use em 

instead I'll stay the same 

And maybe jack off to what could've been 

Drown more potential kids 

Watch them  swirl around the bowl

Till Out of sight 

Smiling while walking away 

For still child support free 

But still child free 

It's cool though 

So muti talented 

Right eat hearing Hank sang gospel 

While the left recites lines from grease 

And my brain ain't thinking of neither one 

It's committed to 

.... Committed to counting time 

In a empty room 

Holding just my naked body 

I sit 



Repeat counting 1 min then 1 more 


Be a year in 20 seconds 

Thats 500 thousand times I said 60 

Makes her late by 364 days 

Can't help to think my wife  is missing 

Along with the key to this door 

And this god damn slot barely big enough to piss out of 

Caged without bars 

Dead before dying 

But my smile 

My smile can never be took 














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redacediamond's picture


I love the cynical. And yours is beautiful

Well perhaps women are better at waiting for love than men.